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Nobcor Products Inc.

"Developing Products for the Music Industry"

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Steve Weinert's Review of the Gemini Saxophone Harness

Simply put, logistics are the biggest hurdle to playing Bass Saxophone. Everything seems to be in “BIG” quantities. More money, big case, big reeds, big mouthpiece, big key movements, and not least of all a big heavy saxophone!

Playing off a saxophone stand is a solution to the weight issue, but puts the saxophone at risk of falling over and the all important embouchure to mouthpiece presentation is often inferior and inconsistent.

Hanging a Bass Saxophone off a neck strap, even if the bell is captured on the knee, begs the question if it is actually the saxophone or if it is the player that is being hung! Again the loose positioning makes that important embouchure to mouthpiece presentation inconsistent.

Questing for a solid method that didn't sacrifice the player's neck, the Gemini Saxophone Harness was recommended. The Gemini Saxophone Harness is a progressive design combining the tried and true proven methods of using a dual “braces/suspenders” shoulder harness with the latest technology in adjustment hardware, strap materials and attachment hardware.

The several hour semi-classical performance was a pleasure, rather than the slow wearing down of being strangled by the neck strap. Intonation and Tonal issues were improved by the extremely consistent location of the Bass Sax the Gemini Saxophone Harness allowed. Standing to play is no longer a moment of concern, but has become a non-issue with the Bass Sax safely held by the Gemini Saxophone Harness. A stand-to-play televised performance was no problem with the Gemini Saxophone Harness.

After experiencing the Gemini Saxophone Harness there is no going back to stands or neck straps. I can wholeheartedly recommend the Gemini Saxophone Harness to any Saxophonist!

Steve Weinert

- Founder of The Skunk Hollow & Carp Town Saxophone Conspiracy
- Founder of The Bass Saxophone Cooperative Internet Site

*Reprinted with permission by the author*