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About Us

Nobcor Products Inc. is a family-owned Canadian-based manufacturing company founded in 1989 by Mr. Gino Nobili, the world-renowned musical instrument technician who exclusively develops, produces and distributes accessories for musical instruments.


Gino Nobili has been a prominent leader in the musical repair technician industry for over 50 years. He has designed and invented numerous components, from new ligatures on mouthpieces to saxophone harnesses that eliminate the stress on muscles while playing. He has also been an independent consultant to universities in Norway, Cuba, Germany, Britain, China and the United States covering many aspects of the technical aspects of music and the new saxophone concepts.


Gino Nobili, presently the owner of The Music Lab Ltd., began to study and analyze the difficulty and uncomfortableness of numerous instruments while performing. With this in mind and many years of research, the concept was finalized and the ultra-dynamic straps were formed.


Note: Nobcor Products Inc. is a manufacturing/distribution company and does not sell directly to the public. Please contact one of our dealers or Nobcor Products Inc. for additional information.

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