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Product Review: Steve Weinert's Review of the Gemini Saxophone Harness (Select Link)


Canadian Juno Award Winner:

"I have owned a number of saxophone straps over the years. The Gemini Saxophone Shoulder Strap is the most comfortable and supportive strap that I have ever used." - Mike Murley (Ontario, Canada).




"It works fantastic. I really love how easy it is to use and its convenience. It has totally saved my neck, allowing me to play my Tenor Sax as long as I like. Now I don't have to worry about my neck getting all tweaked out every time I play. Thank you so much for this great product, which promises to give me many more years of musical pleasure and enjoyment on an instrument that I was seriously considering having to quit altogether. After 45 years of playing and in otherwise excellent health, this was a sad proposition indeed." - Dr. Art Brownstein (Hawaii, USA)


Allina Health - Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

"Thank you so much for your contribution to the performing arts community with your thoughtfully designed Saxophone product(s) for improved instrument ergonomics. The Courage Kenny Musicians’ Clinic thanks you for your Gemini Sax Harness sample for the ‘Adaptive Equipment & Instrument Modification for the Wind Instrumentalist Workshop’ at the Annual PAMA (Performing Arts Medicine Association) 2014 Symposium. The 60 minute workshop was a success; we had every seat filled and standing room for about 50 medical professionals, music educators, & musicians. We had real wind instruments to demonstrate the product use and fake instruments to pass around for participants to try the products for themselves; everyone was very receptive and interactive. Your contribution gave the right professionals a hands opportunity to experience optimal ergonomics for ease of play. Thank You for Your Contribution."


Misty Austin, PPDPT, MPT, B.Kin and Marcia Sitz, OTRL, CHT, CLT
Musicians’ Clinic • Courage Kenny Sports & Physical Therapy • Allina Health
Minneapolis, MN USA


Other Customer Testimonials:


"You have a winner!! I give this sax strap 5 Stars! As a small woman I have literally suffered debilitating neck pain, which led to debilitating back pain due to my sax straps. So in my quest I've used thick, thin, yoke, sling, and harness straps. I was about to hire a friend to make a prototype of my dream harness when I found the Gemini. It's perfect. The small size is adjustable so it fits perfectly over the shoulders while there's enough give in the front so I can move and adjust the sax easily for sitting and standing positions.  It's sturdy with every aspect from straps to buckles of high quality. And most importantly, I can play my horn for hours for gigs, rehearsals, and lessons, without the neck pain. Since I have some small students, I will passionately  recommend this strap so their little growing bodies will not be damaged by a heavy instrument around a delicate neck. Thank you!!" - Robin Rader, Los Angeles, CA - Oct 2014 - Author of a great book on practice motivation "Your Dream is at Your Fingertips", available from, or by contacting Robin at


"I've spent many years searching for a better way to hold the saxophone and now with the Gemini Saxophone Sling my search is finally over! I've tried all the various straps for around the neck (too much neck & back pain), harnesses (too claustrophobic) as well as various slings (too bulky or too insecure feeling) but this one does the trick! I won't be leaving home without it! I also can't say enough about the customer service at Nobcor! Steve was a pleasure to work with and they truly do "go that extra mile for our customers." - Bill Harris (Connecticut, USA) 


"Just small note about a great product, the Gemini Harness, I call it “The Harness” because I have purchased  many others, straps and the like, my search is over, it just took a few minutes to get my adjustments and I am good to go. It is really a GREAT product, the comfort, the sax adjustments, NO neck pain, I couldn’t and don’t need to ask for anything more. This is it, and at a great price too!! Thank You!!" - Keith (Bermuda)


"The Nobcor Sax Harness is well-made, easy to adjust and significantly relieves pressure on the neck. I would recommend it to any saxophonist looking for an alternative to regular neck straps." - Jerome Sabbagh (New York, USA)


"Just a word of thanks for such a great sax product.  The sax harness I purchased fits great, build quality is awesome, but most of all ends the pain in my back I was having using a regular neck strap. Your harness was the third new sax strap I have purchased in the quest to eliminate my back pain. I guess the third one is the charm !  The first neck strap  I purchased was the Cebulla padded neck strap.  A nice well padded neck strap but still a neck strap.  Next product which failed was the Oleg ergonomic harness strap.  Again, nice neck strap but the suspender straps which attach to you belt loops to take the weight off your neck will not stay in adjustment and within a few minutes of use the weight of the sax is all on the neck. Thanks again for such a fine product."  - James D. (Illinois, USA)


"The Gemini Saxophone Harness is quite comfortable and does an excellent job of keeping the weight of the instrument off your neck.  It is extensively adjustable so should fit players of most any size.  It is a well conceived and well executed accessory." - Rick J. (California, USA)


"Let me simply state that I have never found a sax harness I liked, until now. The Gemini Saxophone Harness is the most comfortable strap I have ever worn. It is extremely well-made, durable, and easy to use. When I have a long night of playing or rehearsing, standing or sitting, your strap makes my work much more enjoyable. I can breathe, I can move, my neck and back say Thank You." - Robert Fried (Illinois, USA)


"I received the Gemini Sax Harness yesterday and it is truly a wonderful product! I am 61 years old and started taking sax lessons last November.  I could not find a product that would remove the weight of the instrument from my neck and allow me to play standing up comfortably. The Gemini Sax Harness does this remarkably well. I have found that the adjustability of the harness allows me to position the sax exactly where I want it. The clamp mechanism tightens the straps securely without any slipping." - Allan G. (Maryland, USA)


"I love the Gemini Sax Harness.  It completely relieves all pressure on my neck, fits my body great  and is perfect for quick adjustments when switching horns. The craftsmanship and innovation is amazing as well as the customer service. Thank you Nobcor." - Carol Chaikin (California, USA)


"Great harness! Used it at a 3-hour rehearsal (on bari) and didn't get the usual back pain around hour two. Also like the offset hook; the horn hangs right without any effort. Plus it shortens up enough to get my ancient Buescher bass into a comfortable playing position. I'm going to order another one to use with tenor (weight's not an issue, but harnesses work well with suit coats)." - Todd S. (California, USA)


"My Saxophone Harness is awesome!! Thank you so much! I have the flexibility to sit, stand or move around as I please and still have the comfort of not having all that weight hanging off my neck, impeding my breathing and forcing me to battle for good posture. The strap allows me to breathe better and I can focus on the music and not neck discomfort or my posture. This strap is the best." - Jerry Quintyne (Ontario, Canada)


"The Nobcor Sax Harness is fantastic. It takes all the stress and tension off my neck when I play tenor saxophone. It improves posture and technique. I don't like to play without it." - Willem Moolenbeek (Ontario, Canada)


"Nobcor Straps are by far the best in the world. I've used them on all my horns exclusively - Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxes, Clarinet Bb & C and Bass Clarinet for years. Their very comfortable, flexible yet super strong and very light. Nothing else comes close. I should know, 50 years of playing professionally." - Ron Kemp (Ontario, Canada)


**Comments have been reprinted with permission of authors**

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